Kid Reenacts Film Classic “Man Getting Hit By Football”

Here’s a good, short clip, perfect for an early morning goof. It’s a kid, not yet a teenager, throwing a football at his own groin…just to make you laugh. It hasn’t gone viral or gotten picked up on Web Soup or whatever, and it’s just 14 seconds long. But think about it: though he incorrectly titled his short film “man gets hit in groin by football” (probably for SEO purposes), he’s paying tribute to a scene from a show that aired probably a half-decade before he was even born. That’s pretty good!

Anyhow, if that’s got your appetite for more classic film whetted, then check out the original here, which still holds up by the way, or watch some more of the kid’s videos like this one, where he faithfully quotes the infamous line from Nolan’s Batman trilogy, “Hey, it’s Batman over here.” Ah, cinema.