Did You Know There Was A 60s Band Called “Balls?”


Our research into the endless world of balls sometimes leads us to some interesting places. This week, we were enjoying a playlist of deep cuts from the British prog explosion of the late 1960s when a track came up by a band called… Balls.

Yes indeed, it was only a matter of time before some cheeky lads decided to name their musical combo after the old nutsack. Balls were a Birmingham, England-based supergroup put together by Trevor Burton of the Move, along with some members of local band the Uglys. The lineup went through a few changes, incorporating members of Spooky Tooth and the Moody Blues. Eventually, they coalesced and started jamming in an empty house in Reading.

Manager Tony Secunda picked the group up, but eventually he lost interest after discovering Marc Bolan, who would become a huge star. Balls labored on for a little bit before the band fell apart in 1970.

They put out one single, the epic “Fight For My Country,” which is a dynamic and exciting slab of deep groove that makes us thirsty for more Balls. Some members went on to bigger things, notably Denny Laine who would become one of the original members of Wings with Paul & Linda McCartney.

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