Did You Know These Celebrity Jugglers


The Internet is a pretty amazing place. There’s something for just about everyone, as evidenced by the fact that there’s a YouTube show just about juggling. It’s called “Balls In The Air,” hosted by actress Felicia Masias, and each episode has cool facts and trivia about the art of ball movement. It’s one of the content offerings from TheStreamTV. This episode is a pretty fascinating one, spotlighting five celebrity jugglers you might not know about. Juggling is actually pretty good exercise, requiring quick reflexes and dexterity. It’s also very portable, making it an easy thing to do backstage, in a trailer, et cetera.

So who are these celebrity jugglers? We don’t want to spoil the whole video for you, but one notable example is Justin Bieber. The Canadian pop star is apparently well-known for bringing juggling balls with him to keep busy during commercial breaks when he’s making TV appearances. It’s probably a good idea for Bieber to be distracted by something innocent like juggling to keep him from peeing in a mop bucket or exposing himself to paparazzi.