Labour Councillor Suspended For Threatening Officer’s Balls

Labour Councillor Suspended For Threatening Officer's Balls

Daniel Anderson, a Labour Party councillor for Enfield, has been suspended from his post after a series of inappropriate incidents involving subordinates, including a direct threat to a man’s ballsack.

After an internal investigation, Anderson, a former deputy leader of the council, was found to have committed several acts in the workplace that required him to be removed. This pattern of behavior was directed at numerous people, with several reporting that he personally insulted them, calling them “idiots” and threatening to have them fired.

His most notable victim, however, was a council officer who claims that Anderson threatened to “cut his f*****g balls off” before he fired him. Anderson denies all of these allegations, but the volume of complaints coupled with other information found during the investigation was enough for Enfield’s director of law and governance Jeremy Chambers to ban Anderson from all council offices, with the exception of council meetings, for two months. He also requested an apology to the injured parties.

According to Anderson, the councillor intends to appeal the ruling, saying that the verdict was based on second-hand evidence. He also claims that the entire kerfluffle was based on a garbage pickup change, saying “It even acknowledges that the verdict was exclusively based on hearsay from a handful of officers, mainly from those involved in the decision to move towards fortnightly bin collections.”

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