Could Your Laptop Be Frying Your Balls?


There are all kinds of threats out there towards our balls, from swift kicks to stray fireworks. But one of the most pernicious might be next to you right now – your laptop computer.

While not everybody rests their machine directly on their lap – mine is on a desk as I type these words – those who do could be subjecting their testicles to a heat increase that could visibly decrease their fertility.

DNAIndia has a report about the potential harm that resting your computer on your lap can do to your sperm count.

Here’s how it works: as you’ve probably noticed, laptops produce a significant amount of heat when operational. That heat is also deleterious to the proper operation of your gonads. The balls require a specific temperature to best produce sperm, and if it gets too hot or too cold they don’t function as intended. 1°C median rise in scrotal temperature can result in a sperm count drop of as much as 40%. That’s a pretty serious number!

The good news is that it’s unlikely laptop exposure could have permanent effects on your ability to produce viable sperm (unless you slammed your balls in the hinge or something), but it’s important to be aware of all the potential effects of your daily life on your balls. If you’re resting your laptop directly on your lap, maybe invest in a pad or a lap desk or something. Your balls will thank you for it.