“Last Will & Testicle”: The Lighter Side of Losing A Nut

“I found a lump. I lost a testicle. I wrote a comedy webseries.”

That’s the tagline for actor/writer Byron Lane’s autobiographical YouTube show “Last Will & Testicle”, and if that doesn’t grab you by the short hairs, then watch the trailer above. Though all 6 parts of the series are up now and available for bingewatching at your leisure, we have not yet breezed through the whole thing. (We haven’t even watched Mad Men!)

But if the titles are any indication, Lane is taking cues from the Kübler-Ross model of grief — bargaining, acceptance, and so forth — which is pretty relatable to anyone who’s gone through the same thing. Though in the past we’ve featured stories of men who have lost a testicle and claim to therefore be sterile, or more famous folks who walked around half-cocked with no one the wiser, this is the first man to lose a testicle and create a show on the topic that we’re aware of. (Although we haven’t seen everything out there, not even Breaking Bad.)

Check out the whole series on Byron Lane’s YouTube channel.