Learn How To Make Boondi, Delicious Little Indian Dough Balls


We’ve covered ball-shaped food here for years, but the cuisines of the world are still finding ways to surprise us. Our latest discovery is boondi, tiny little orbs of fried chickpea flour that are used for sweet and savory dishes in India. They looked so good we had to learn how to make them ourselves, and it wasn’t terribly difficult.

Boondi comes from the Rajasthan region of India, and have been a popular treat there for centuries. The traditional preparation has the balls fried and soaked in sugar syrup to create a sort of Rice Krispie treat, but they can also be mixed with curry leaves, spices and salt and eaten by hand as a snack.

Here’s a Boondi ke Ladoo recipe straight from India.

500 gm gram flour
1 liter water or milk
750gm ghee for frying
750 gm sugar
3 1/2 cups water
10-12 drops orange color
10-12 flakes saffron – soaked in little water
50 gm chopped cashew nuts
50 gm raisins
10 cardamoms – peeled
Boondi strainer or fryer of medium sized holes

1. Prepare a thin batter with gram flour and water or milk. Heat ghee in a pan.
2. Fill the fryer or strainer with the batter up to the half.
3. Position it over pan and drain boondis in hot ghee by hitting the strainer on side of the pan, lifting up then again hitting. This process should be finished very quickly.
4. Fry them to golden color, drain and remove. Use up all the batter.
5. Prepare sugar syrup of one and a half thread consistency by boiling sugar and water.
6. Add saffron water and color to the syrup. Mix the boondis, syrup, dry fruits and cardamom.
7. After 10 minutes, sprinkle over a little hot water, cover and keep for 1 1/2 hour.
8. Prepare round balls with moist hands.

Get the whole recipe at NDTV.