Learn The Art Of Testicle Play

Testicle Play

Your balls are a wonderful thing – we wouldn’t be running a whole dang website about them if we didn’t believe that. But sometimes a sexual partner will try to give them a little attention and things won’t go as planned. Testicle play can be great, but without good communication and technique it can also be awkward at best and painful at worst.

But how do you learn how to fondle balls like a pro? It’s not really a subject they teach in school, no matter how liberated your Health teacher is. And because us gentlemen are often pretty shy about our sexual pleasure, it’s hard to communicate exactly what you want in hands (or a mouth, or whatever) on your balls.

Thankfully, sex expert Vanessa Marin is on the case. She’s written a detailed and thoughtful explainer on the nuances of testicle play from a non-judgemental perspective. Marin runs down the most sensitive parts of the ballsack and explores different techniques for stimulating them to maximum effect. Even if you’re not intending to play with balls yourself, having the vocabulary on call might be useful someday.

It’s definitely worth reading, and even ball experts like ourselves learned a thing or two.

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