Let This Weird Hippie Teach You The Dance Of The Testes


There are a lot of people on YouTube who promise to have the key to a healthier, happier life. But the weird hippie who runs the GERMCorporation channel (people just call him “Germ,” apparently) is pretty out there. Card tricks, weed reviews, and yoga techniques all battle for space on his playlist. We’re going to examine the latter with a “sexual Kung Fu” method that targets the balls.

This exercise is all about breathing through your testicles, making them rise when you inhale and sink when you exhale. You’re not supposed to do any muscle motion – just using your mind alone to make your balls move. That’s some pretty serious connection with your scrotum, but if you’re a regular reader of the Ball Report you probably have that.

So what’s the advantage of this breathing technique? Lord if I know. He says you know you’ve done it right when you “taste the golden nectar.” Let me know if that works for you.