Let’s Revisit The Nastiest Groin Shots In UFC History


The UFC of 2016 is a well-oiled machine, running regular shows that go smoothly. But in the organization’s early days, things weren’t quite so easy. The original pitch for the event was “no holds barred” fighting, and they meant it. The first handful of shows put very few restrictions on their fighters, who were equal parts trained martial artists and street brawlers.

And when we say “no holds barred,” that means shots to the nuts were completely legal. One of the most notorious early steps outside the world of good manners came at the fourth UFC event in 1994, where eight men fought in a tournament for a purse of $64,000. One of the first round matches saw American fighter Keith Hackney take on South Korean Joe Son, the founder of “Joe Son Do,” his own style of fighting.

Son managed to take Hackney down and lock in a guillotine, but he didn’t realize one thing: strikes to the balls were legal, and Hackney intended to take full advantage. He rolled over and started delivering some of the sickest pops to the groin that we’ve ever seen, forcing Son to loosen his grip. Hackney then proceeded to submit Son with a blood choke.

Hackney would lose to Royce Gracie in the next round. Son would rack up a 0-4 MMA record before being arrested for kidnapping and torturing a woman. Maybe he needed a few more ball shots to get a clue.