Let’s Shred Some Balls


Checking in on the cottage industry of YouTube videos where people destroy things for our entertainment, we’ve got a clip of a shredder doing what it does best on a series of sports balls. Watching this enormous machine shred orbs is a little nerve-wracking for ball aficionados like ourselves, but whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

There aren’t any truly amazing surprises in watching an industrial grinder shred the hell out of sports balls, to be honest with you. But people don’t watch these videos to be surprised. They watch them because there’s something oddly soothing about natural processes taking their toll. In observing a ball or other object get rendered down to scrap, we come to terms with our own mortality and the finite nature of life.

I mean, that’s just a theory. Who knows why people actually watch stuff on YouTube though. If you like it, Gojzer’s channel has plenty more for you to watch.