Losing a Testicle is Nothing to Be Ashamed of

Losing a testicle and what that means for one’s fertility, among other things, is well-trod territory here at The Ball Report. For reasons that seem not to extend to ears, eyes, or any other appendage that normally comes in pairs, men just can’t get enough discussion about being down a nut. We all have this fear, it would seem, which is good news for cancer awareness and, evidently, certain subreddits.

What is (arguably a great deal) more interesting, than this take on losing a testicle from the “No Shame” gang, is how media and commentary are changing in the current climate. Virtually anyone, even sleeveless T-shirt high school kids, can get hold of an inexpensive USB mic and a webcam, and go to town making whatever kind of radio or TV show they want. (Coincidentally or not, as the ability for amateurs to create their own media¬†increases, the concept of what radio and TV shows should even be like has decreased¬†exponentially.)

That isn’t to say that “No Shame – I Lost My Testicle” is a critical success; reading aloud a post from Reddit will never be interesting, regardless of the disintegration of the media landscape as we now know it. They are correct, however, when they imply that losing a testicle is nothing to be ashamed of. Partial credit.