Lost Golf Balls Worth $15 Million, Says Swamp Man

It is nearly November now, the time of year that golf courses morph from incubators of performance anxiety populated by the angriest white people on Earth into the serene nature retreats they were initially designed to be. In places that experience all four seasons, an autumnal morning walk through a golf course is about as peaceful a ritual as you can imagine, a perfect combination of natural and manmade beauty. That is, unless you happen upon Glenn Berger in full scuba gear, drag netting the water hazards for abandoned golf balls in a bid to perfect the world’s least interesting hustle.

Berger says he’s made $15 Million selling waterlogged golf balls back to the courses that technically already owned them in the first place. USA Today wonders whether that could possibly check out mathematically, and it’s a fair question indeed. “I really enjoy what I do,” Berger says, though, and God help him if he didn’t.