Lost Testicle, Blindness Blamed On Defunct Health Hotline

England’s National Health Service has paid out a 7-figure sum to patients who were actually¬†worse off after calling the NHS Direct helpline, a DailyMail report has revealed. Over the last four years, the NHS has agreed that its helpline was negligent in a number of cases, which resulted in unnecessary patient discomfort ranging from common aches and pains to a lost testicle and even permanent brain damage.

Campaign groups including Patient Concern said the failures were due to the NHS trying to save ¬£22billion on government orders and ‘dumbing down’ its service by cutting staff numbers.

The helpline was replaced by the non-emergency 111 phone service, meant to recall the UK’s 999 emergency number, last year. Earlier in 2015, The Daily Mail reported that 111 has been plagued by understaffed call centers and long wait times for patients.