Louisville Wants To Make The World’s Largest Disco Ball

Disco Ball

So here’s a little bit of trivia that you can whip out if you need it: at one point, 90% of the disco balls in the world were manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky. Omega National Products was riding the wave of disco fever in the 1970s and making a killing, producing a thousand mirrored spheres a week and shipping them around the country.

Disco balls were actually around long before John Travolta put on the white suit, though – first records of them date back to the late 19th century, and they were all the rage in Berlin nightclubs of the 1920s. Mirror balls have come in and out of fashion throughout the years, but a certain sort of person considers them timeless.

The current world’s largest disco ball resides in the Aisle of Wight in England, with a diameter of 33 feet according to the Guinness Book. A group of concerned Louisvillians, however, are aiming to change that. They believe that the home of Omega National Products deserves to get a little recognition for their role in the disco craze, and more importantly the country that invented disco deserves the world record ball.

So they’re doing what comes naturally to red-blooded Americans: banding together to bring it back home. Their goal is to finance and build a disco ball over twice the size of England’s entry – a staggering 67 feet – and install it in a public place to bring glory back to their fair city. Obviously, any ball-related world records are something we support. We can’t say that there are too many disco songs we love, but we’d make a road trip to see the world’s largest disco ball.

The group has a Facebook page if you want to get involved. If you’re in the area, they’re also having a party and fundraiser on Saturday – get tickets here.