Love Balls Is The Hot New Mobile Game

Love Balls

Trends in the mobile game space change like the tides, and right now the #1 game on the top of the charts is called Love Balls. How about that?

The game is a simple physics puzzler that tasks players with bringing two circles – one blue, one pink – together. The trick is you can’t control them directly – instead, your finger or stylus draws lines on the screen that react with realistic physics, pushing and guiding the balls to their destination. The less “ink” you use to draw the lines, the better your score is.

It’s not a particularly original idea – games like Crayon Physics have been doing similar stuff for over a decade – but it’s executed really well, with a gentle difficulty curve that introduces you to the basic concepts of the game and then ramps up the challenge pretty significantly. Although it looks cute, it gets difficult enough that people are writing walkthroughs for the later levels.

Here’s a video of Love Balls gameplay so you can get a taste of it. Since the game’s free, though (there are ads in between levels), you don’t have anything to lose by giving it a try.

Download Love Balls for free at the App Store.