Lucille Ball Was Not A Man, We Are Fairly Certain

We’ve had our fun with conspiracy theorists here before, and it always comes with the post script that many people who think…differently when it comes to the geometric shape of the planet or chemtrails or whatever are in fact not well. It just plain isn’t good to mock the mentally ill, especially in a country like ours where their health needs are so routinely passed off to the criminal justice system.

It is also true, however, that’s it’s very difficult to tell when someone’s perceptions are clinically insane or just outright stupid, even to psychologists. And we’re not psychologists! So, by our reckoning, it’s alright to have the occasional chuckle at someone who believes something harmlessly ridiculous, like “Lucille Ball was a man.”

Does this look like a man to you?

lucille ball conspiracy

No. Decidedly not. And yet those shapely gams are part of the body of evidence (pun intended) that infamous trailblazing comedienne Lucille Ball was, in fact a man. It is a rather thin theory.

We can’t condone the transphobia prevalent in that video or its description, so consider yourself warned about its contents. We certainly don’t agree that “Lucy” is a satanic name (what she must think of Stan Lee!), or that an offhand remark by Vivian Vance, Ball’s I Love Lucy co-star is necessarily the smoking gender gun our intrepid host believes it to be.

But “Hellywood: The Movie” certainly has a ring to it. Perhaps it could be an apocalyptic sci-fi disaster movie. Or, perhaps…a documentary.