Make Big Daddy Jay’s Blue Balls


Typically blue balls aren’t something you want to have, but when they’re Big Daddy Jay’s you might reconsider. The titular Big Daddy is the proprietor of a YouTube channel and cooking blog that specializes in slow-cooked meat and Southern style comfort food, and these bizarre balls are certainly that. Any recipe that starts with pre-made blueberry muffins and goes from there isn’t heart healthy, but they sure do look like they taste good.

The general gist of Big Daddy Jay’s blue balls is simple: they’re mushed-up orbs of muffin coated with breakfast sausage and then smoked for three hours. The resultant bombs of carbs and fat are then drizzled in a blueberry sauce and served. This isn’t the kind of thing you should eat every day – or even every lifetime – but man we’re craving one right now.

Get the whole recipe here.