Hair Balls And Old Pantyhose Tricks To Delight And Amaze

Mary Ellen After 60 has so many extra uses for pantyhose that we can hardly stand it! Go get those dang pantyhose right now, and do up your tomato plants, store your onions, protect your wrists from water, bundle your extension cords, repair your fencing, and stuff your pillows!

Alright, we admit that, as a site about testicles and dongs and so forth, there isn’t a huge chance you guys are sitting on a stockpile of pantyhose just waiting for a project to use them on. (Although if you are, please send them to Mary Ellen, she’s probably out by now.) You’re also probably just as confused as we are as to what “hair balls” actually are, why you should keep them, and why anyone would put more of them into their hair, so craft-wise we’re hanging you out to dry just a bit.

But consider the fact that Mary Ellen is over 60 years old—if her channel title is to be believed—and still manages to have a functional operation with thousands of subscribers and a litany of tip videos and vlogs that apparently attract quite a following. No, the hair balls info isn’t going to help us very much, but that’s pretty impressive, you gotta admit!

There are much younger people out there who can’t put a competent video channel together to save their skin, after all.