Man Gets Testicle Bitten Off By Angry Mother Pig

Man Gets Testicle Bitten Off By Angry Mother Pig

If there’s one thing that life in the country has taught me, it’s not to mess with farm animals. Sure, they may look cute and cuddly, but an angry livestock can cause some serious damage. Take this bizarre case from China, where a man who was trying to get a look at some baby piglets ran afoul of a mother pig and lost one of his balls for it.

The 75 year old man named Li from the Jiangsu city of Yizheng was investigating the recent birth of a litter of piglets born to his wife’s sow. He stepped into the pigpen without taking into consideration the fierce territorial nature of a mother pig, and the animal rushed him and chomped down right on his crotch. He managed to extricate himself and go to the doctor, but the damage was severe enough that they had to remove his left testicle entirely.

Because a pig’s mouth is a breeding ground for all manner of bacteria, the man’s ordeal didn’t end there. He will have to stay in the hospital for some time on a course of anti-infective treatments. Hopefully those will go well and he’ll be able to return home with a new respect for the privacy of a mother pig.

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