Man Very Obviously Shot In Groin Outside Diner At 2am


The circumstances of this Hamden, Connecticut shooting are not known at this time, except that nothing good has ever happened outside of a diner at 2am. That goes double for diners that apparently require an on-duty police officer, and triple for diners that can’t say “At least 180 days without someone being shot in the groin here”. WTNH has the report:

An officer on an extra-duty assignment at the diner heard several gunshots. He then found the victim, 28-year-old Tauheed Harvey of Hamden, in the road. Police say he was bleeding heavily.

Harvey was rushed to the hospital and immediately had surgery. Police say the shooter ran away.

Investigators have learned the victim and perpetrator were likely arguing prior to the shooting as they waited in line to enter the diner.

Harvey’s condition has been upgraded from critical to serious.