Man Skewers Ball Trying To Break Into Zoo

Artis Zoo

Going to the zoo is fun, but it’s not worth losing a ball over. Headlines were made when a penny-pinching gentleman tried to break into the Artis Zoo, the oldest one in the Netherlands, and wound up going to the hospital instead.

Details are a little sparse on the ground – we don’t even know when this incident happened. A recent interview with zoo director Haig Balian informed the world. Apparently the would-be ticket avoider attempted to climb a wrought iron fence but lost his balance, impaling himself on the point of one of the fenceposts.

“Somehow it is also kind of sad, it was someone who really wanted to visit Artis. If it would have been a centimetre off he would have bled to death,” said Balian. Zoo workers found the man by his cries of pain and were able to extricate him.

Artis has been the victim of several similar crimes in recent weeks, most notably when unknown intruders stole a group of pelican eggs, killing one of the birds in the process. They are ramping up security in the wake of these events, which is cold comfort to the dude with the busted ball.

The Daily Star has the whole story.