Man Wants A Million Dollars For His 80 Pound Scrotum

Million Dollars

Medical malpractice is a serious issue, especially when it involves the balls. So we’ll be closely watching the story of an Oregon man who claims that a botched operation left him with a scrotum weighing 80 pounds. He thinks there’s a million dollars in it for him, which would set quite a precedent.

Here’s the basics of the case: the unnamed man went to the Kaiser hospital in Portland complaining of swelling and pain in his groin. When he was examined, the doctors diagnosed a bilateral inguinal hernia. That’s when a tear in the muscles around your stomach lets material like intestines or other parts of the digestive tract sneak through into your reproductive system. Bilateral means that it was on both sides of his scrotum – a tricky thing to fix.

But fix it they did – or at least so he thought. After the surgery, matters only got worse for our man. His ballsack continued to grow, at its peak reaching four feet in diameter and a weight of eighty pounds. He went back to Kaiser for treatment, but for an as yet unknown reason they did nothing for a whopping three years. By that point he had lost his left testicle and was rendered infertile.

A second opinion had him go in for immediate surgery, which was thankfully successful.

The man is suing the Kaiser health care system for a cool million dollars for medical malpractice and loss of consortium. Added on to that is an extra sum for lost wages and emotional distress. It seems like an open and shut case to us.

Courthouse News Service has the press release.