Man Who Lost Testicle At 18 Set To Become Father

Man Who Lost Testicle At 18 Set To Become Father

We report on testicular cancer often on this site, both the value of early detection and the prospects of living a good life afterwards. Getting the diagnosis is a terrifying thing, and it can feel like your world is ending, but modern medical science offers a good outcome if cancer is caught early. Take the case of a young man from the UK, who overcame cancer to become a father just a few years later.

Dexter Gurney-Paddick from Bicester, Oxfordshire was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of eighteen, and it threw the young man for a loop. Just as he was getting ready to embark on his adult life, he was hospitalized, had his right testicle removed and underwent a difficult regimen of chemotherapy to remove the cancer, which had spread to his abdomen.

Gurney-Paddick’s mental health took a hit from this disease, sending him into a deep depression for several years.

He said “I started to experience a lot of PTSD symptoms, like negative thoughts and reliving what I’d been through. I was feeling a mixture of constant worry and fear. If there was the smallest thing wrong with me, I’d think it was cancer and that I was going to die. I started to think the only thing I had going for me was that I’d beaten cancer. I knew I should be proud of that, but I felt I’d not achieved anything else in life. When I got into that pattern of thought it would spoil everything for me.”

That changed when he met retail assistant Morgan Biggs last year. The pair became a couple in February and soon realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Although many testicular cancer patients struggle with fertility, Gurney-Paddick was able to father a child, which is due in September. The pair was intending to get married this summer, but the COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to reschedule the wedding.

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