Man With Giant Scrotum Needs $100,000

Giant Scrotum

Typically, your scrotum is a pretty simple part of your body. It keeps your testicles at the proper temperature and protects them from injury from the outside. Unfortunately, there are several rare but unpleasant conditions that can make your ballsack into a serious burden.

Meet Tyrone Bowd. The 25 year old man from Willowbank, Ipswitch suffers from scrotal lymphedema, a condition that causes his nutsack to swell up as lymphatic fluid builds up in the organ and isn’t allowed to leave. This has made his testes grow to the size of a watermelon. His giant scrotum makes him unable to walk on his own, meaning he needs a motorized scooter. Because it hangs below his knees, it causes him a great amount of pain.

Bowd’s parents have been raising money for him to have an operation to have the swelling reduced. The family needs a total of $100,000 to do it – they’ll travel to the United States, where the specialists are better. They’ve raised $43,000 so far, which is a significant amount. They’re holding a fundraising event this weekend to help grow his fund.

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