Man’s Testicle Pain Turns Out To Be Tuberculosis

Man's Testicle Pain Turns Out To Be Tuberculosis

Testicle pain is one of those red flags that we always encourage men to get checked out as soon as possible. Chances are high that it’s a warning of testicular cancer, but sometimes it can indicate an even weirder condition. A 38 year old man from Frimley, Surrey presented to doctors in the hospital with intense left testicle pain. After an examination, they diagnosed him with epididymitis – an inflammation of the tubing at the rear of the gonad – and prescribed him antibiotics.

They didn’t work, so when he returned they instead diagnosed him with testicular cancer. That wasn’t correct either, but we can’t blame the doctors because how often do you see a case of tuberculosis in the modern era, especially in the balls? An examination of the patient’s travel history, though, gave doctors the clue they needed.

The patient was an immigrant from Sudan, and he’d traveled back to his native country to visit family six months before. Tuberculosis is still a big problem in Africa, and he picked up the disease there and brought it back to Britain. Once it was isolated, six months of chemotherapy had the man all clear.

Even though it wasn’t testicular cancer, tuberculosis is no joke. Feel anything weird down there? Get checked out, ASAP.

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