How Many Balls Can You Play Ping Pong With?


We’ve showcased the insane videos from Pongfinity on this site before, because they’re like nothing else in the world of ping pong. These Euros are dedicated to expanding the limits of possibility when it comes to table tennis, so when they drop a new clip we sit up and take notice.

This latest one aims to answer a pressing question: how many balls can you play ping pong with at the same time? Obviously us normal humans can barely deal with a single one, but these guys aren’t normal humans. So the duo start with two balls and then gradually add more of them to see where their skill ceiling tops out. It’s not a spoiler to say that they can deal with two and three balls pretty easily.

But four or five at a time? We might have found a level of ping pong craziness that even the Pongfinity guys can’t cope with. It’s entertaining to watch them try, though, as the human arm can only move so fast and return balls with so much precision. How do you think you’d fare with five ping pong balls coming at you in rapid succession? Break out the paddles and try this one at home, then send us the video of how you did.