Meet The Testicle Fairy


We’re not the biggest fans of TedX talks – they often seem like ways for self-important doofuses to get on stage and bloviate about things that mean nothing – but we’re going to make an exception for North Dakota chef Octavio Gomez, who took the stage at TedX Fargo to share the story of the testicle fairy.

Gomez is the owner of the Taco Bros food truck in Fargo, beloved by locals, and he was one of TedX Fargo’s most welcomed speakers. His bio for the event was just “Octavio makes really great tacos and also tells stories,” and he wasn’t up there to make any grand point or share a world-changing idea. He just wanted to communicate a bit about himself, and he succeeded.

We don’t want to spoil the whole story from the video, but it’ll suffice to tell you that the Testicle Fairy is just like the Tooth Fairy except for balls, and you can let your imagination take it from there,

Video courtesy TedXTalks