Melting Ping Pong Balls Is Oddly Hypnotic

When you were a kid, did your neighborhood group of friends used to trade tall tales about the insides of golf balls? We convinced each other they were radioactive or poisonous or all kinds of crap. Ping pong balls don’t have the same aura of mystery, but watching them melting under the heat of a 500w halogen lamp is still pretty amazing.

The channel is called Let’s Melt This, and their offerings are exactly as advertised. Nothing but video after video of formerly solid objects changing into liquid and gas under the onslaught of heat. They’ve done stuff like Rubik’s cubes, marshmallows, giant Gobstopper jawbreakers and more.

What’s interesting about melting a ping pong ball is that there’s not really all that much celluloid in the composition of the things. They’re hollow so they bounce higher and fly faster, and when the structure of the ball is compromised by extreme heat, they essentially just evaporate. In the video above, there’s a slow-motion segment at the end so you can get a clearer picture of exactly what’s going on.