Should Men Shave Their Balls?


Personal grooming is very important, but there’s an ongoing debate on what to do with the hair down there. Now Buzzfeed has weighed in with a video asking the important question: should dudes shave their balls? Is it safe? Does it look good? What if you slip and nick your sack?

Pubic hair has become contentious over the last few decades, as the increasing popularity of porn has driven many women to get the full Brazilian and wax it off down there for a smooth, sort of Barbie doll-esque appearance. Dudes in the industry also clear away the thicket at times, but that makes sense – when you’re working in a visual medium, it’s important to make sure there are no obstacles between the camera and the action, and a lot of ball hair could get in the way.

But what about for average joes like you or I? Should guys like us shave their balls? Is there any reason to do so rather than just giving them a nice trim every once in a while so the down low fro doesn’t get out of hand? We can’t say there’s a 100% canonical answer to that question. You gotta go with what feels best for you and the rest will work itself out.