MMA Fighter Gets A Win With A Heel To The Balls

MMA Groin Strike

Mixed martial arts is a wild thing, but even in the seemingly lawless cage there are still a few rules. Groin shots have been outlawed in the UFC for quite some time, but accidents happen. Competing organization SuperFight League, based in India, has similar rules, but a recent match saw the groin attacked in an accidental but still painful way. This is an MMA first for us.

Here’s the background. The fight was between Jason Ramesh Solomon of the Delhi Heros and Satinder Bankura of the Goa Pirates. It didn’t go long before Solomon got control and moved in for a rear naked choke. He flipped Bankura over and established dominance, but couldn’t manage to secure the submission. Solomon wrapped his legs around for a body scissors, but that’s when things went weird.

Typically it’s fair to bring your heels in hard in MMA to secure the hold, but when that happens they usually make impact in the abdomen or the upper thigh. Thanks to a quirk of positioning, Solomon ended up bringing his heel into Bankura’s groin. You can see the impact in the video above, and it’s obvious that the groin strike did a lot to end the match quicker than it normally would have. Judges ruled the kick to be an accident and the Delhi Heroes won the night’s competition.