Molten Copper Versus Green Paint Balls Ends Like You’d Think


This is most likely how we are going to die.

Not to sound overly dramatic, but at this point, with all the amateur scientists out there blowing stuff up and frying the heck out of things that are not food, it seems like a forgone conclusion: we are going to get exploded by some YouTube idiot. We’ll be collateral damage in the worst video of the year, and it probably won’t even make the local news. Depressing, but not the worst way to go, perhaps!

Sure, for now, the up and coming videographers of the world are content to melt things like green paint balls with liquid copper. This simple “experiment” satisfies their craving for wanton destruction and visual stimulation, but for how long? What will they have to do next to get that same endorphin rush? Melt red paint balls with molten silver?

We can only hope.