A Monkey Once Tried To Bite Danny DeVito In The Balls

Life on a movie set can be pretty crazy. There are so many different people doing their jobs that it’s hard to deal with it all. And when you’ve been in as many productions as veteran actor Danny DeVito, you’re gonna have stories. The Always Sunny in Philadelphia star was on Graham Norton’s BBC One talk show to discuss his life and projects. The topic turned to his role as the Penguin in Batman Returns, as things do. What happened next earned the clip a spot on the Ball Report.

You see, the set of that movie was an even bigger madhouse than normal. The Tim Burton production was a sequel to one of the most commercially successful movies of the era, and the budget was higher. The character of the Penguin had a coterie of birds trailing behind him, but there was also a spider monkey thrown into the mix for some reason.

That monkey delivers a note to the Penguin from Batman for some reason, and it’s completely ridiculous. In a demonstration of the scene, the monkey for some reason got freaked out during rehearsal and made a dive for Danny Devito’s groin area. Something about the grotesque voice he used for the character and the absurd makeup freaked the animal enough to try to take him down.

It’s a hilarious clip, and few people in Hollywood can tell a story quite like DeVito can.