Watch This Moving Video About Testicular Cancer Loss

As testicular cancer awareness month draws to a close, we wanted to share a few stories from survivors who came out of the other end of their ordeal in a variety of shapes. This compelling video from Charlie David‘s Balls documentary, which we’ve covered before, follows a man named Peter through his cancer journey. It’s a rough watch, but important.

Peter was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 26, and had come out as gay a bit before that. His family was still having trouble accepting his identity, so the support wasn’t as there as it needed to be. it took six months before his father and brother came to visit him. He talks frankly in the video about the myriad physical struggles involved in cancer treatment – extreme weight loss for one – and his narrative is exactly what we most fear: after removing one testicle, the cancer returned and he lost the second.

Thankfully Peter isn’t afraid to speak up about his ordeal and help other men cope with the trauma. Watch this video, then head to a private place and do a quick check. You owe that much to your balls at least.