Need A Gross Bag? Check Out The Scrote N Tote!

Please support the man trying to make the Scrote N Tote a reality.

If you’re not quite sure why you’d want to do that, here’s a little backstory: A film guy-cum-lawyer had a custom backpack made as a prop for a film he was working on. The backpack (purposefully) looked like a hyper-realistic, giant and disgusting human scrotum. Somewhat more recently, a photograph of Daniel Bitton wearing this special satchel made the rounds online, prompting fan outcry for a purchasable product.

As a smart businessman who recognizes an opportunity to sell thousands of people a huge nutsack when he sees it, Bitton then hooked up with prosthetics artist C.J. Goldman to create a prototype, slapped together a promotional video and crossed his fingers that the Scrote N Tote could get made.

As of this writing, he’s more than a third of the way there, so you’ve still got a chance to get a big pair of backpack for the low, low price of $69 if you act fast. And if not, maybe you’re the real dickbag.