We Need This Cheese Ball Machine Gun


Ah, the humble cheese ball. Truly it’s the Platonic ideal of snack food – natural ingredients reconfigured to transform them into something truly artificial. And they also work really well as ammunition for the coolest machine gun we’ve ever seen.

YouTube user NightHawkInLight is responsible for this insane contraption, which uses an ordinary yard leaf blower and a length of PVC pipe to rocket the cheese balls a pretty impressive distance. Why exactly you’d need to shoot cheese balls across your lawn is up to you, buddy.

The cheese ball itself has quite a history – although Frito-Lay did at one time manufacture a name-brand Cheetos version, they’ve mostly let that product line slide and now the market is dominated by second-tier manufacturers like Pik-Nik and Utz. The neon orange color and intensely artificial flavor seems like a relic of a more innocent time today.

But if you don’t want to eat cheese balls, why not repurpose them for a more exciting use – like ammunition for an air-powered machine gun? You build one, we’ll build one, and we can meet for a duel at dawn. First person to be completely orange loses. Or wins, depending on how much you like cheese balls.