New Zealand Rolls 75,000 Candy Balls Down A Hill


The sleepy little town of Dunedin, New Zealand is famous for a few things, but Baldwin Street might be the strangest. It’s known as the steepest residential steet in the world, with a 1:5 ratio. The street is actually clad in concrete, not asphalt, because on hot days it would melt and flow downhill. And every year, Baldwin Street is the home for the Jaffa Race. If you’re not from Australia, you might not know Jaffas – they’re sort of like M&Ms except clad in an orange candy shell and a bit bigger. As part of the Cadbury Carnival, a staggering number of Jaffas are rolled down Baldwin Street in an orgy of sweet release, and this year’s event saw 75,000 candies loosed in three separate waves.