These News Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing At Pig Balls


The job of a TV news anchor isn’t all that difficult. You read what’s on the teleprompter in front of you in a relatively professional manner, and then you get to go home. But when you introduce a pair of huge pig balls into the equation, all bets are off.

A clip recently surfaced of anchors at CBS-7 in the mid-1990s completely losing their composure when faced with a swine named Goliath. The file footage of the beast was shot from behind, perfectly framing his enormous pig balls right in the center of the screen. When the camera cuts back to the anchors, neither of them has quite recovered and their attempts to run through the rest of the day’s top stories ends pretty disastrously.

Unfortunately, there are several CBS-7 stations in the country, so we don’t have precise identification for these two anchors. We can only hope they’re out there reading this and get in touch so we can talk some more about how Goliath’s balls changed their lives.