NFL Owner Equates Team Nickname to “Dick Balls”

“This is going well,” Washington NFL franchise owner Dan Snyder must have thought to himself,¬†about the ongoing litigation regarding the copyright status of his highly offensive team nickname. That is, right up until HBO and John Oliver got hold of the text of his legal briefing, and tore into it like a dog with a Tempurpedic pillow.

Snyder’s legal team’s reasoning, it seems, is that since other offensive business names, product lines, etc. have been granted protected legal status, then so too should the D.C. area pro football team. What evidently did not occur to them, fortunately for us, is how ridiculous it appears to suggest that your billion dollar business is every bit as good as, say, “Dick Balls”, which is a real thing they point out in the actual documents they filed with an official court.