Nigerian Cheese Ball Factory Dogged By Slavery Rumors

Nigerian Cheese Ball Factory

Cheese balls are a delicious, if unhealthy, snack. But one factory in Lagos, Nigeria is coming under scrutiny for the way they treat the workers on the assembly line. A reporter named Chinwe Agbeze recently went undercover at a factory owned by Sunlight Resources Limited to discover how they treated their workers.

The investigation started when Agbeze overheard a pair of women complaining at a bus stop about the management at the factory as well as the sanitary conditions there. With her keenly-honed reporter’s instinct, she knew there was a story to be found. The next day, Agbeze turned up at the gates along with a group of fellow job seekers and was quickly put to work.

Things inside were just as rough as they feared. Workers were required to labor for 12 hour shifts, with safety regulations ignored and a thick layer of dirt covering every surface. She spent several days in the factory, carefully documenting everything she saw. Reading through it will make you never want to eat a cheese ball again.

Naija247News has the whole expose.