No, A Guy Didn’t Lose His Balls In A Weed Scuba Mishap

Scuba Weed Mishap

You can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Fake sites thrive on pumping out misinformation that gets clicks and Facebook shares, and while everybody has to make a living, it pisses us off. We get extra mad when clickbait purveyors bring balls into the equation, and a recent viral story about a dude trying to fill a scuba tank with marijuana smoke and blowing his gonads off did just that.

The story first surfaced earlier this month on a site called Is That Legit, which should give you a clue that it’s not. Their take featured a man from Calgary, Alberta, Canada named Robert Palmer trying to impress his friends with a marijuana invention that would give him a constant high.

As is the nature with stories like this, it was copied and modified all over the place – by the time it hit Reddit, the dude was from Boston and named Mike Fitzpatrick. The general details were always the same, though – the stoner filled the tank with weed clouds and then dropped it, causing an explosion that shot shrapnel into his groin and cost him his testicles.

The debunkers at Snopes are thankfully on the case, pointing out that there are no reliable media reports of the incident. Interestingly enough, though, in our research we discovered that weed and scuba tanks have met before.

In 1971, a pair of Kentucky men were arrested in St. Louis by FBI agents for attempting to smuggle 25 pounds of marijuana from the Bahamas inside a pair of air tanks. The police got a tip that the shipment was coming in and snagged the smugglers at the airport, cutting open the tanks to find the weed payload within. No matter how you slice it, you should keep your pot smoking and your scuba diving separate.