Nut Bag Filling Machine Impresses and Exhilarates

Outside of worker’s unions, Science Channel’s How It’s Made and Food Network’s Unwrapped have probably done more for factories and manufacturing companies than any other single entity. How It’s Made, especially, manages to impart a dignity and intrigue to a trade that has been slandered as “unskilled” in the popular parlance for many years — an unearned reputation, to be sure. Though the show is perhaps best known for its static shots of intricate, repetitive machining, the scientifically detached narration is arguably more integral to the show’s success.

Needless to say, “Stand up pouch bag filling sealing machine-nuts” does not replicate that formula.

The cinematography is lacking, voiceover is absent altogether, and the sound dips in and out so that the hum of the robotics is intermittent at best. The scowl of the floor manager, nut bag in hand, says it all: “This isn’t fun.” But that nut bag is filled, and then another and another, and we witness it like flies on the wall.