“Nuts About Cakes” On The Search For Great Coffee

“Nuts About Cakes” is, judging by this video, both a Nigerian bakery specializing in birthday and wedding cakes, and also a reality show based on the goings-on of that particular bakery. It seems vaguely similar to TLC’s hit show Cake Boss, except without the problem drinking and filmed in Nigeria.

Based in Lagos, the proprietors of Nuts About Cakes may be just that, but in this episode of the charmingly low-budget reality program, they’re in search of a high quality coffee distributor…for some reason. Maybe for espresso cakes or something. They don’t really say.

Coffee is presumably excellent in Nigeria, since it’s so close to much of the sourcing used for international coffee distribution. But we can get that coffee over here, too, right? They just put it in a box and send it over here. What’s the big deal?

People get so fussy about coffee, and yes there are certain things worth paying for, but like most industries, much of the difference in perceived quality (and price point, as a result) is little more than marketing. Is there any reason to think the water, for example, in Nigeria makes coffee taste any better? Or is it like the Brooklyn Water Bagel phenomenon from a few years ago?

That doesn’t apply to the Nuts About Cakes people, of course, since they don’t have to travel halfway around the world to get Nigerian coffee. And they probably wouldn’t, either!