One Million Subscribers Gets This Guy A Kick In The Balls


Getting a million subscribers on YouTube should be a joyous occasion. It’s one of those things that people strive for but few actually manage to do, and is a great indicator that your video habit can support itself. So when popular vlogger Lance Stewart hit the seven figure mark, his buddies decided to bring him down a peg by punting his nuts into a pool.

We’re not super familiar with Stewart’s content – he apparently first made his mark on Vine with pranks and stuff, as young men do these days, before getting signed with UTA. He’s doing well enough for himself to buy his dad a Corvette Z06 for his 50th birthday, so apparently this stuff pays off.

Here’s a note: the above video is kind of insanely long – like 40 minutes – and you might not have the patience to wait for the payoff. It happens at a little after 23:00, so you can fast-forward. We’ve seen better nut shots in our day, but the emotional resonance of a million subscribers is a rare deal indeed.