This Partner Ball Workout Is Brutal


We’re all about health here at the Ball Report, but in addition to our mission to make men aware of testicular cancer, we also want you to make your body the best that it can be. This workout from trainers Katie Harper and Dan Giordano of Bespoke Treatments Physical Therapy fits the bill perfectly thanks to its incorporation of a medicine ball and a helpful partner.

They’re called ball slams, and they’re amazing full-body cardio that tone your legs, core and arms. How it works is simple: the ball is placed on the floor in between two people facing each other. One squats, grabs the ball with both hands, and explodes upwards through their hips, raising it over their head. They then squat back down, slamming the ball on the floor and return to a standing position. Their partner then does the same, back and forth until you’re done. Harper recommends 100 reps, but after giving this a go we’d say start with 50 or even less depending on your level of fitness. They’ll wear you out in a hurry.

Medicine balls have been used in workouts for generations, and we’re discovering that’s for a good reason. The action of gripping them with two hands engages multiple muscles in the arm, hand and wrist and allows you to distribute load in a healthy and less damaging way. Give this workout a try and tell us what you think.

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