Picky Adults React To Being Offered Bull Testicles


Bull testicles are a topic we’ve covered here on more than one occasion, so it’s no surprise that this compilation of more conservative-eating adults laying eyes on platters of Rocky Mountain oysters for the first time would catch our eye. As you might expect (or know from your own adventurous culinary experiences), bull testicles are rather neutral in flavor, especially when fried, and most of the adverse reactions to them result purely¬†from the psychology of eating testicles. But that is not the interesting part!

What’s interesting about this video, is that it exists as a time capsule for the ongoing public relations disaster being experienced by its creators, The Fine Bros. In short, these guys wanted¬†to trademark (literally) and corner the market on (figuratively) the style of video they say they more or less invented and popularized: “Reactions”. That’s incredibly dumb!

And it showed. The Fine Bros. lost subscribers in droves as the internet largely petitioned the idea that something so simplistic and ubiquitous could be monopolized by any particular channel. That would not be newsworthy outside of its own niche, necessarily, if it didn’t result in the apoplectic Fine Bros. appending every video with multiple apologies and explanations.

Eventually, the masses will stop being entertained by formulaic drivel like “Reactions” to “Getting your crush’s number”, and we’ll be deprived of the hipster hand-wringing that comes with the onset of anxiety over losing the admiration of millions of children, but until then, wheee!