Pinball Machines Are Still Around And They Look Pretty Fun

“Here’s a trailer for a Family Guy pinball game!” is a strange thing to hear during a family dinner, say, or at a Timberwolves practice while Nikola Pekovic throws a medicine ball at people. In 2015, it’s rather surprising to hear about pinball machines at all, given the sad state of arcade rooms around the world and the dominance of the home console as a gaming platform. But apparently, the massive analog tables, once full of lights and switches and circuits, are now full of ones and zeros, and are living on through digital adaptations with brand new fully licensed properties.

“Balls of Glory” is one such collection, created by the pinball experts at Zen Studios, and features the hit animated Fox series Archer, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad and, of course, Family Guy. This pinball game collection is releasing this week, on basically every device you could possibly own.

via Neowin