This Ping Pong Training Robot Is Way Cool

If you’re anything like us, you love ping pong. And if you’re anything like us, you just don’t have enough people to play ping pong with.

Enter Trainerbot. This new Kickstarter project is a perfect ping pong partner, able to pull off all kinds of amazing shots and help you polish your skills at the same time.

No, it doesn’t have a paddle attached – instead, it’s something like the automatic ball launchers you see at baseball batting cages. It comes stocked with a basket of ping-pong balls and spits them out at regular intervals. But this is a much more high-tech invention. When connected to the Trainerbot iPhone app, you can program in a wide variety of shots by angle, power and timing. From long slow lobs to firecrackers right over the net, this puppy can do it all.

Ping Pong Playing Robot

One of the coolest things about this ping pong robot is the community the designers are building around it. Users can create their own shots and sequences, and then upload them to the cloud to be used by other people. If there’s a certain kind of shot that you always miss, tell Trainerbot to give you a dozen of them in a row to different parts of the table.

The device is also super light and portable, fitting easily into a backpack or tote bag. If you play table tennis, or just want to get better, Trainerbot seems like a no-brainer. The price is a little steep – $329 for early birds and $379 once those are taken – but we have to applaud the ingenuity that went into making this thing.

If this sounds like something you’re into, click over to their Kickstarter and put some money down. Maybe someday you’ll be good enough to face us across the ping pong table. Probably not, though.