Planters Giving Away Containers Of Cheez Ball Powder

Planters Giving Away Containers Of Cheez Ball Powder

We’ve covered the bizarre marketing antics of Planters before, because the peanut company is also responsible for the legendary Cheez Ball. But this one might be pushing it a little too far, as they’re now selling the delectable crunchy treats without any actual balls. Just the powder that gives them their insatiable flavor.

Planters has a history of bringing Cheez Balls back for limited engagements on store shelves every year or so, typically in the autumn. This year, they’re going a step beyond by also introducing Cheez Ball Powder, a slimmer tube that contains the cheddary, salty powder that you end up licking off of your fingers after you eat some. Now you can use it to top off any meal that you think could use an extra cheesy kick.

The company is holding a giveaway on Twitter, where 350 lucky people will be mailed tubes of cheez ball powder in exchange for tweeting at @mrpeanut using the hashtag #CheezBallContest and telling them what kind of food monstrosity you’ll make with the substance. They’ve also been holding pop-up events in major cities serving up food covered in the stuff. What are you waiting for? Get on it if you want some.

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