Play With Some Baoding Balls For a Tingly Sensation

There’s just no room here for a deep dive on the phenomenon commonly referred to on the internet as ASMR, unfortunately, (this link will have to do) and that means there is definitely no room for a proper introduction to ASMR videos, which have exploded all over YouTube recently.

The main takeaway is this: there are terabytes or flippotrons or petaflaps or whatever of “whispering” or “ambient noise” videos online now, and some folks earn a living by making them. Whether that makes sense or not is up to you, but you really can’t make heads or tails out of it without checking one out first, to see whether you’ve got that sixth sense that gives viewers “tingles”. So here’s popular user Cherry Crush giving a quick demonstration with some Baoding Balls, whatever it is that Baoding Balls are supposed to be. Little wind chime things, it sounds like. Enjoy.

via Cherry Crush (maybe don’t click check her channel out at work, to be on the safe side)